I’m still in awe at the fact that I had the opportunity to travel across the world to Lima, Peru📍. We hit different cities within the country: Lima, Cusco, Aguas Calientes, and Machu Picchu • • This was my first international trip & I will forever hold the memories in my heart! I’ve always been told to be selective on who you travel with, travel with people who share the same appreciations as you, who you can vibe with & equally enjoy the moments together. • • I’m truly grateful to have been able to explore the cities of PERU w/ @bookingbestie & @mstash824 ! We shared so many memories & I can’t wait for another adventure with you both! ♥️ • • I’ve been asked constantly: “What was your favorite part about the trip?” Simple. The content of the people. I admire their humbleness, their gratitude and positive outlook on life. We as Americans are spoiled, we’re selfish, and at times ungrateful. The people of Peru were Happy, content, and satisfied. They made life work with the resources they had. I was telling my co-workers and friends the story of me at The Market, trying to negotiate the cost of their merchandise, as if I had a right to. I wanted to bring back a pack of engraved Pens for my co-workers & visit 3 different boths trying to negotiate 25sol. When i finally got to the fourth booth, i realized with my change converter that only equalled to $8 for 10 pens (nice pens). How selfish of me, i thought? As cheap as everything was, I shouldn’t have been trying to negotiate. That was nothing! It really opened my eyes! I’m really glad, I had that moment. I’ll forever remember how hard the people of Peru seemed to work, for so little. 😞♥️. Peru, you changed me. Thank you!📍


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Sounds liberating!!!! So happy for your amazing experience!!!




😍🥰 amazing experience with some amazing souls. 😘


Congrats‼️ Traveling is the greatest gift and experience ever.


Super dope pics! 🔥🔥🔥


Good for you!!




Wow sis this is an amazing shot!!

You look amazing here 🔥💯🙌! How long where you out here for?

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